Flu Shot Drive

COVID-19 pandemic which ravaged the world in 2020. The Coronavirus has surpassed over 32 million cases while killing nearly 600,000 Americans alone. During this time, hospitals were drastically exceeding the number of rooms and doctors available for patients. This led to mayhem inside of hospitals throughout the nation. To make matters worse, the flu season was upon us.

The flu and COVID-19 present roughly the same symptoms, yet both could be caught simultaneously and prove to be fatal. The CDC urged the general public to get their flu shot to reduce further risk of death. Furthermore, getting a flu shot would save a flu-related emergency room visit which in turn could be used for COVID patients. This was undoubtedly the most important flu shot ever. 

The Alpha Gamma chapter recognized this and quickly took initiative. In November of 2020, they partnered with the LSU Student Health Center to administer flu shots at the chapter house. In addition to most members many guests turned out for a flu shot. Everyone could be seen having a good time with their fellow guests, brothers and nurses.

Anyone who got a flu shot received apparel from the Student Health Center and protection from the flu. The nurses told members that they loved coming out as this was the best they were treated. The Alpha Gamma chapter exhibited leadership as no other Greek life organization on campus has ever hosted a flu shot event.