Mike the Tiger Brought to Campus by PIKE Alum

During the 1930’s, an excellent football trainer and brother, Mike Chells Chambers gave his talents to the University football team. Brother Chambers, from New Orleans, was initiated in 1923 by Beta Eta chapter at the University of Illinois. As a tackle at Illinois, he helped clear the way for “Red” Grange. He served as Olympic trainer in 1928 and came to LSU from Georgia Tech where he handled the 1929 Rose Bowl team. The famous LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger, was named in his honor by the students of LSU. A plaque commemorating the event, donated by Alpha Gamma chapter, is now affixed to Mike the Tiger’s cage on the LSU campus.

In 1987 the original plaque was donated by our Alpha Gamma Alumni Association, represented in the picture here by Brothers Wayne Macaluso, Brett Poirrier & Robert Marks.