Giving Back after Hurricane Laura Damage

The global pandemic is not the only challenge that we have had to face this year in Louisiana. 

In August 2020, Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana. Hurricane Laura has been  one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Louisiana. Only a week after school began, members of the LSU community struggled to make ends meet as their homes were ripped away from them by a deadly hurricane. 

In response to the damage, the LSU PIKE chapter stepped up and contributed to many efforts to help our brothers and neighbors recover from this hurricane. Although the hurricane did not greatly affect the LSU Baton Rouge area, the hurricane destroyed Southwest Louisiana.

In the weeks following the hurricane, we did as much as we could to help the community. We held a donation drive of supplies that members of the Southwest Louisiana area needed. From the drive, we gathered over $400 of supplies to donate. 

Following the donation drive, we donated $1,500 toward disaster relief in Louisiana. 

Lastly, our members traveled to the Lake Charles area to help members of the community clean up debris and the impact of the hurricane. We witnessed first-hand the damage Hurricane Laura did to Lake Charles. 

Southwest Louisiana is still suffering from the damage of Hurricane Laura, and if you would like to donate to their relief efforts, please head to the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana website. No contribution is too small.