Alumni Crawfish Boil

Alpha Gamma chapter hosted an alumni appreciation day on Sunday April 18th from 11am-2pm.  We served 500 lbs of crawfish with 100 lbs of corn, potatoes, mushrooms & sausage.  This was cooked by parents John Davenport, Dax Barrett and Chapter Advisor Shawn Lowe.   We also had 125 plates of jambalaya cooked by parent Gerald Barbay.  For the event we hosted 175 members, parents, alumni and spouses for the final event at the house.  After a long week of rain and storms, the weather was perfect. The house was in great shape with tents and seating available for all guests. 

“This was a great event. I enjoyed hanging out and catching up with everyone. Thanks to all who planned the event!”

Brett Poirrier ‘86

It was a great event and gave many alumni and students time to reflect on the end of the era at 15 Fraternity Lane after 18 years. However, the atmosphere was filled with excitement for the new experiences to come at 10 Fraternity Lane with the largest fraternity house on campus.  15 Fraternity Lane was home to 583 initiates while at this house.  In the new house at 10 Fraternity Lane we anticipate 600+ initiates over the next decade with the continued strong alumni support and infrastructure we have in place. 

“Being at the house one last time with our alumni was special. Sharing memories made over the years and the time spent here today will always be with all of us no matter where we call home.”

Lyndon Wilbert SC