Founders Day

2022 Founder’s Day Celebration

Festivities will kick off with an opportunity to tour the new Pike chapter house during an open house from 5:30-7:00 PM. We will then walk the party over to the Revelry for a night of socializing, eating, drinking and dancing. Music by Category 6.

Tickets will be $30 a person. Dates and significant others are welcome.

Founder’s Day Ticket

Ticket to attend event with food and band.


Buy Christmas Gala (Dec. 11th) Tickets Now

Buy Christmas Gala (Dec. 11th) Tickets Now

You are invited to celebrate the new home of Alpha Gamma chapter! The past few years have been among the most challenging with Covid and significant storm damage across south Louisiana. Thankfully during this time the brotherhood of Pi Kappa Alpha has thrived on LSU’s campus. The chapter will end the 2021 Fall Semester with 150 members in one of the largest chapter houses on campus. Let’s celebrate past successes and new opportunities! RSVP by purchasing tickets below!


What is the food situation?

The evening will be completely catered with food stations and appetizer pass arounds that will be staffed by a professional wait staff.

Will there be a bar?

There will be a bar with wait staff. Please be prepared with cash. To follow LSU’s alcohol policies, you may be required to pay a reduced nominal rate per drink.

Is My Significant Other Invited?

Yes! Couples tickets are available below.

What Should I Wear

Semi-formal or business attire is appropriate.

Wasn’t This Scheduled for October?

  1. Yes- but we had to reschedule
  2. Hotel reservations were being canceled in Baton Rouge to make space for recovery workers after Hurricane Ida.
  3. Our catering vendors could not guarantee food or alcohol supplies for an October event.

More Details to Come Soon!

Single Gala Ticket


Couples Gala Ticket


Parents Weekend

Parents Weekend 2021

Thank you to everyone for coming to PIKE Parents Weekend. It was a terrific turnout. Many thanks to Susan Matthews, Deirdre Faucheux (House Director), Brett Poirrier (Alumni Association), and Chef Kirby for helping with the event. It couldn’t have happened without y’all!

PIKE Hosts LSU President

PIKE Hosts LSU President

Pike hosted LSU President William M. Tate IV, for the Greek Breakfast at the Pike House on Veterans Day, November 11, 2021.  Tommy Smith ’89, LSU Associate Vice President of Budget and Planning and Vice Provost for Finance was our emcee and Blake Barbay ’18 our new President introduced President Tate.   Brett Poirrier ‘86, Alpha Gamma Alumni Association President and Drew Larose ‘09, Alumni Advisory Board Operations made sure we had a great meal prepared by Pike Chef Kirby and that the house showed well for our guests.  

The Breakfast is an annual event we will host to bring together all the chapter president’s and advisors on campus in a business style format and hear remarks from LSU leadership.  In addition to the President, we had the Provost Dr. Matt Lee, Vice President of Strategy Mark Bieger, Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Jeremiah Shinn, Dean of Students Dr. Brandon Common, and Greek Life Director Mrs. Shawnna Eberhard-Smith were in attendance along with Father Andrew Merrick from Christ the King offering our invocation. 

2021 Habitat for Humanity

2021 Habitat for Humanity

The Alpha Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity is proud to be a partner with the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge for our 17th year.  Over the week of April 12, 2021, Pike chapter members and other Greeks worked to build 2 homes for the Prater and Leatherman families in Baton Rouge.   

The Pikes and Greek community raised over $100,000 this year to build the homes and provided the labor needed to complete the task in only 1 week.  This undertaking is a year long event with the chapter hosting multiple letter writing solicitations that each of our chapter members completes each year.  Pike has proudly sponsored this event that culminates in over 6000 hours of community service annually.  

During the past 15 years, the Pikes and LSU’s Greek Community have raised more than $2.3 million dollars and built 30 houses during the annual Greek Week Habitat Build in the spring. The LSU Greek Week Build was the first in the U.S. to partner a major university’s entire Greek community with a Habitat affiliate.  Since the first Greek Week Build in 2004, over 15,000 LSU fraternity and sorority members have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, donating over 50,000 hours of service. The Pikes and other Greeks work alongside the homeowner-partners to build the houses, learning firsthand about poverty, its effects, and the need for affordable housing. Overall, Pike has been instrumental in helping nearly 40 adults and 60 children find a safe, stable place to live.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge, is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing. Habitat brings together people with resources and people in need to build simple, decent, affordable houses. The houses are sold to those in need at no profit, through no-interest loans. Habitat of Greater Baton Rouge was founded in 1989 and has built and renovated 353 homes in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Volunteers interested in helping with Habitat for Humanity projects or offering donations can call us at 927-6651 or visit

Alumni Crawfish Boil

Alumni Crawfish Boil

Alpha Gamma chapter hosted an alumni appreciation day on Sunday April 18th from 11am-2pm.  We served 500 lbs of crawfish with 100 lbs of corn, potatoes, mushrooms & sausage.  This was cooked by parents John Davenport, Dax Barrett and Chapter Advisor Shawn Lowe.   We also had 125 plates of jambalaya cooked by parent Gerald Barbay.  For the event we hosted 175 members, parents, alumni and spouses for the final event at the house.  After a long week of rain and storms, the weather was perfect. The house was in great shape with tents and seating available for all guests. 

“This was a great event. I enjoyed hanging out and catching up with everyone. Thanks to all who planned the event!”

Brett Poirrier ‘86

It was a great event and gave many alumni and students time to reflect on the end of the era at 15 Fraternity Lane after 18 years. However, the atmosphere was filled with excitement for the new experiences to come at 10 Fraternity Lane with the largest fraternity house on campus.  15 Fraternity Lane was home to 583 initiates while at this house.  In the new house at 10 Fraternity Lane we anticipate 600+ initiates over the next decade with the continued strong alumni support and infrastructure we have in place. 

“Being at the house one last time with our alumni was special. Sharing memories made over the years and the time spent here today will always be with all of us no matter where we call home.”

Lyndon Wilbert SC

Joining Forces with Jacob Hester

Joining Forces with Jacob Hester

The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at LSU hosted an NFL Pro Day-themed philanthropic event March 6 at the LSU Recreation Center to raise funds for the Hester Sports Foundation. 

While following all COVID-19 policies in place by LSU, the chapter invited members from all sororities at LSU to compete in four events similar to those NFL prospects participate in on NFL Pro Day. The four events were a 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle, 3-cone shuffle and broad jump. 

The chapter awarded four individual awards to the champion of each event and a chapter award for the sorority that had the most participants. Keeley Jones of Delta Gamma won three of the four events: broad jump, 3-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle. Claire Martin of Kappa Kappa Gamma tied with Jones in the 20-yard shuttle and Rachel Dupuy of Zeta Tau Alpha won the 40-yard dash.

Overall, 139 women participated in the event. Delta Gamma won the chapter award with 28 members participating in the Pro Day. 

Jacob Hester, Craig Ponamsky and LSU football players Andre Anthony, Damone Clark, Ali Gaye and B.J. Ojulari attended the Pro Day. They helped by demonstrating the skill, supervising the participants for safety, timing, recording and officiating each event. 

“I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon,” Ojulari said. 

The Alpha Gamma chapter raised $10,000 for the Hester Sports Foundation by the end of the COVID-19 restricted event.  The chapter presented the check to Hester and the champion trophies to the winners on March 15 before a chapter meeting.

“PIKE strives to associate the chapter with successful brands and people that embody the same ideals we support,” Alpha Gamma President Casey Harless said. “Jacob Hester is an LSU football icon and we are excited to partner with him for many more events in the future.”

The Hester Sports Foundation works to help underfunded schools buy proper sports equipment in the Baton Rouge area. The foundation helps buy sporting goods and pay fees to join youth leagues. Visit for more information about Hester and his mission with the Hester Sports Foundation.
Any groups wishing to sponsor this event next year can contact the chapter at to discuss associating with this event to raise money in 2022 when there are no limits to participation rates. 

Giving Back after Hurricane Laura Damage

Giving Back after Hurricane Laura Damage

The global pandemic is not the only challenge that we have had to face this year in Louisiana. 

In August 2020, Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana. Hurricane Laura has been  one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Louisiana. Only a week after school began, members of the LSU community struggled to make ends meet as their homes were ripped away from them by a deadly hurricane. 

In response to the damage, the LSU PIKE chapter stepped up and contributed to many efforts to help our brothers and neighbors recover from this hurricane. Although the hurricane did not greatly affect the LSU Baton Rouge area, the hurricane destroyed Southwest Louisiana.

In the weeks following the hurricane, we did as much as we could to help the community. We held a donation drive of supplies that members of the Southwest Louisiana area needed. From the drive, we gathered over $400 of supplies to donate. 

Following the donation drive, we donated $1,500 toward disaster relief in Louisiana. 

Lastly, our members traveled to the Lake Charles area to help members of the community clean up debris and the impact of the hurricane. We witnessed first-hand the damage Hurricane Laura did to Lake Charles. 

Southwest Louisiana is still suffering from the damage of Hurricane Laura, and if you would like to donate to their relief efforts, please head to the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana website. No contribution is too small. 

History of Alpha Gamma Chapter

History of Alpha Gamma Chapter

In November 1902, six men founded the Alpha Gamma chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Louisiana State University. Alpha Gamma was the 27th chapter of the fraternity and the 5th fraternity chapter on LSU’s campus. The members of Alpha Gamma were initiated by Alpha Beta chapter from Centenary College, located in Jackson, LA at the time.

Five years after the founding, P.L. Ferguson presented a petition to the 1907 Richmond National Convention whereby Alpha Gamma chapter requested the permission and support of the Supreme Council to build the fraternity’s first chapter house. The request was granted and each active member in the National Fraternity was assessed $1.00 to provide the $300 needed for the chapter house. This led to the formation and operation of a National Housing Fund. From this funding, a house was constructed on the shore of what is now Capitol Lake in Baton Rouge.

During World War I, many chapters had brothers serving their country in battle, and Alpha Gamma was no exception. In the Memorial Oak Grove, behind the Union, there is a tree dedicated to the memory of William Digby Morgan.

The period 1917 to 1930 saw Alpha Gamma alumnus John R. Perez elected to the office of Grand Princeps, the highest position on the National Supreme Council. The office of Grand Princeps has since been changed to International President.

At the time of the founding of Alpha Gamma chapter, LSU was located in the area of the grounds of the present state capitol building. In April 1926, the transfer of the LSU Cadet Corps from the downtown barracks to the new campus marked the transition from the old campus to the present location. In August 1926, the LSU Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to pay Kappa Sigma Fraternity the sum of $350 and to Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity the sum of $575 for their houses located on the old campus, “that being all they are deemed worth.” Alpha Gamma chapter had to find a new place to live. It would be many years before the chapter owned another house, and a series of rentals followed.

During the 1930’s, an excellent football trainer and brother, Mike C. Chambers gave his talents to the University football team. Brother Chambers, from New Orleans, was initiated in 1923 by Beta Eta chapter at the University of Illinois. As a tackle at Illinois, he helped clear the way for “Red” Grange. He served as Olympic trainer in 1928 and came to LSU from Georgia Tech where he handled the 1929 Rose Bowl team. The famous LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger, was named in his honor by the students of LSU. A plaque commemorating the event, donated by Alpha Gamma chapter, is now affixed to Mike the Tiger’s cage on the LSU campus.

With the start of WWII, college enrollment across America dropped as its young men went to war. Fraternity involvement suffered a corresponding drop and in 1944, Alpha Gamma chapter initiated only one man. Once the war was over, the chapter was ready once again to take its rightful place on the LSU campus.

Following the war, Alpha Gamma grew enough to justify a new house. Under the direction of alumni A.R. Johnson, Sr. (’18), National Secretary at the time; H.H. Huckabay (’19); James R. Fuller (’29); H. Lyall Barnett (’24); and Otis C. Edwards (’30), the chapter raised enough funding to receive a loan to fund the construction. The house was started in 1953, completed in 1955, and continues to serve us to this day.

In the late 1950’s the chapter began a major membership drive which led to initiation of 26 brothers in 1960, the largest in the history of the chapter. Alpha Gamma emerged as a dominant fraternity on the LSU campus. During that period the chapter received strong support from the National Office in Memphis from men like Earl Watkins, Executive Director. The house continued to grow and prosper through the 1960’s.

The early 1970’s was a time of great civil unr est on the campuses across America. As a result, many fraternities and, indeed, the entire Greek System fell into a decline. Men like William Dorroh (Past Member of the Alumni Council and President of Mansfield Bank), who was SMC for three years, Wayne Macaluso (Past President of the House Corporation) held the chapter together and Alpha Gamma survived those trying times. During the late seventies, Mike Nelson was SMC and IFC President. Mike, in the tradition of Alpha Gamma Pikes, went on to work for the National Fraternity as a chapter consultant.

In the period of the 1980’s-2000 Alpha Gamma has seen many changes to the greek system and has tried to adapt to the changing environment. These changes caused overall numbers to dip, but we have persevered to continue our century long traditions.

On September 5, 2003 the Alpha Gamma House Corporation purchased its current chapter house from the Delta Chi Fraternity. This was Alpha Gamma’s first move in over 49 years, and marked the re-birth of the chapter at LSU, after being chartered at LSU in 1902.

With the chapter’s membership growing, the new home for Alpha Gamma promises to bring many new opportunities for success to the active chapter. As the second century begins for Alpha Gamma, its alumni and active chapter look to continue the growth in strength and numbers that it has already experienced over the last years in its new home.

Mike the Tiger Brought to Campus by PIKE Alum

Mike the Tiger Brought to Campus by PIKE Alum

During the 1930’s, an excellent football trainer and brother, Mike Chells Chambers gave his talents to the University football team. Brother Chambers, from New Orleans, was initiated in 1923 by Beta Eta chapter at the University of Illinois. As a tackle at Illinois, he helped clear the way for “Red” Grange. He served as Olympic trainer in 1928 and came to LSU from Georgia Tech where he handled the 1929 Rose Bowl team. The famous LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger, was named in his honor by the students of LSU. A plaque commemorating the event, donated by Alpha Gamma chapter, is now affixed to Mike the Tiger’s cage on the LSU campus.

In 1987 the original plaque was donated by our Alpha Gamma Alumni Association, represented in the picture here by Brothers Wayne Macaluso, Brett Poirrier & Robert Marks.